I am a teacher.

You are student.

He is a student, too.

We / You / They are students.


Give it to me.

Let’s go (let’s =let us)




(1)形容词性物主代词( my / your / his / her / its / our / their )+名词。如: her book myteacher his bike


Is this your book?

No,,it isn’t, it’s hers(her book)

This pen is mine.





1.Let _____ (I) help ____ (you).

2.Let _____ (we) go.

3.(I) _____ are students.

4.I can't find _____ (they).

5.Give ____ (he) the book.


1.________are in the same class.

A.Her and me B.She and l

C.Me and her D.l and she

2.Please call ___ at 256-5896

A me B my C I D mine

3.-Do you like these computers?

-No,I don't like_______.

A it B them C they

5.Our tercher think_______are right.

A.We C it D she

6.______go to the party.

A.He,I and you B.I, you and he

C.You,I and he D.You,he and I


(1)Are these ________(you)pencils?

Yes, they are ________(our).

(2)—Whose is this pencil?

—It’s ________(I).

(3)I love ________(they)very much.

(4)She is________(I)classmate.


A. 写出各个代词的对应项。


B. 用代词的适当形式填空。

1. Miss Gao teaches ____ English at school. (we)

2. I need a new schoolbag, so ___ mother buys one for ___. (I)

3. This is not my dictionary. This is _____ (she)

4. This book is not ____(he)

5. Look at ____ mouth. (I )

6. They are ____ parents. (he)

7.Your school is newer(更新) than(比) ___ . (she)

8. ____ classroom is bright(明亮).(I )

9. He is ___ father . (Bob)

10. Thank you for helping ___(I )

11.This isn’t ___pen. ___ is over there. (she)

12.___ school is far away from (远离) ___ home. (he)


(we) ___ can go to the zoo by bus.

Ms Ding teaches _______(we) maths.

Bob loves _______(he) mother very much.

Do you know ________ (they) new teacher?

________(we) new model plane can fly very high.

I have a lovely(可爱的) cat, ____(it) name is Carl.

Jim is a very good boy. We all like ____(he).

The boy under the tree is Henry. This is ____ (he) bike.

She doesn’t like ____(she) new skirt.Who bought(买) it for___(she)?

Who is the man over there(那边 )? He is ___(we) teacher.

Is this red bag yours? No, _____ is yellow. ( I )


1. Where are 我的____ shoes?

2. Are those 你的_____shoes?

3. 他___ looks at 她____.

4. Can you come and play with 我____?

5. ___ 我can help 他____with 他的____ English.

6. Do you like 她___?

7. 我们的____ teacher asks 我们___ to study hard(努力学习).

8. Why do you let 他们___sit there quiet?

9. whose(谁的) car is this? It’s 她的 ____. 她的___car is new. 10. This car is for you, it’s ____你的 now.

八、改错, 判断下列句子中的代词是否有错误,如果有请改正。

1.I like he.

2. This car is your.

3.We call they lions(狮子).

4. Those model planes are my.

5. Can me help you?

6. What is she name?

7. She is reading(读) a book for they.

8. This book isn’t her, it’s mine.


yours us her his me hers it them mine you our him ours her you my your his their theirs its

主格 宾格 形容词性物主代词 名词性物主代词

I me我 my mine 我的

You you你 your yours 你的

He him他 his his 他的

She her她 her hers她的

It it它 its its 它的

We us我们 our ours 我们的

You you你们 your yours你们的

They them她(他,它)们 their theirs 她(他,它)们的


1. This is not _____ desk. My desk is over there.

2. -Can you spell _____ name, Harry? -Sorry.

3. Tom and Jack are brothers. This is _____ room.

4. We are in the same class. _____ classroom is very nice.

5. Mrs Green is my teacher. I’m _____ student.

6. That’s a cat. _____ name is Mimi.

7. Tom is in the room. This is _____ pencil-box.

8. Sam and Peter, look at _____ hands(手). They are so dirty.

9. -Mike, is this _____ picture? -Yes, it is.

10. -Can we put(放) _____ shorts here? -Yes, you can.

11. Mom, they are _____ classmates Rose(女) and _____brother David.

12. Jack, where are _____ socks?


(1)Are these _____(you)pencils?

Yes, they are _____(our).

(2)—Whose is this pencil?

—It’s _____(I).

(3)I love _____(they)very much.

(4)She is_____(I)classmate.

(5)Miss Li often looks after(照顾)_____(she)brother.

(6)—Are these _____(they)bags ?

—No, they aren’t _____(their). They are ___(we).



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