-guitar n.[C]吉他;六弦琴



play the guitar 弹吉他

——She will play the guitar at the party next week.


-sing v.唱;唱歌;啼叫


(1)sing sb. a song=sing a song to/for sb. 唱歌给某人听

sing along... 跟着......一起唱

(2)He sings when he is alone at home. 当他独自在家时,他唱着歌。


-swim n.[C] & v.游泳


(1)go swimming 去游泳

go for a swim=have a swim 游泳

(2)The weather is fine today,let’s go swimming. 今天天气不错,我们去游泳吧。


-dance n.[C]舞蹈;舞会(=dancing party) || v.跳舞


(1)have a dance with sb. 与某人跳舞

dance steps 舞步

dance to... 跟着......跳舞

go to a dance 参加舞会

(2)He danced with his wife at the dancing party. 他在舞会上和妻子一起跳舞。


-draw v.画;描绘;得出;吸取


(1)draw a picture 画一幅画

draw a conclusion 得出结论

draw a lesson 吸取教训

(2)Bob drew a map of the world on the paper. Bob在纸上画了一幅世界地图。


-chess n.[U]棋;国际象棋


play chess 下象棋

Chinese chess 中国象棋

game of chess 象棋比赛

-speak v.说话;说;演讲


(1)speak English 说英语

speak out 大胆地说;说出

not to speak of 更不用说

speak to 同......交谈

speak highly of 赞扬

speak of 谈及......

generally speaking 一般来说;总的来说

(2)After watching the movie, I was too shocked to speak.


It’s nothing difficult to speak it out. 这没什么难说的。


-join v.参加;加入;连接;参与


(1)join...to... 把......和......连接起来

join up with sb. 与某人联合/会合

join in 参加(活动等);加入

join the army 参军

(2)We will join up with the other groups later. 我们以后要与其他小组会合。

I want to join the English club to improve my oral English.



-club n.[C]俱乐部;社团


a tennis club 一个网球俱乐部

join the club 加入社团

-be good at... 擅长于......


Jim is good at playing the guitar. Jim擅长弹吉他。

-tell v.讲述;告诉;辨别;识别


(1)tell...from... 区别;认出

tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人做某事

tell sb. of/about sth. 告知某人某事

tell oneself 提醒自己

tell apart 识别

I can tell you... 我可以肯定地说......

to tell (sb.) the truth 说实在的,老实说

(2)I can’t tell which bag is hers. 我分不清哪个手提袋是她的。

It’s difficult to tell the two girls apart. 这两个女孩很难辨认。

Experience tells. 不经一事,不长一智。


-story n.故事;小说;经历;情节;新闻报道


(1)tell a story 讲故事

as the story goes 据说,据闻

story line 故事情节

(2)He told me his life story in difficult times.


Her novels always have the same basic story.


Don't tell stories. 不要撒谎。


-write v.写作;写字;写入;填写;以写表达出


(1)write back 回信

write down 写下,记下

write to sb. 写信给某人

write in English/ink 用英文/水笔写

write with a pen 用钢笔写

(2)When he was very young, he began to learn to read and write.



-show n.[C]演出;节目;会展 || v.给......看;展示;表现出;带领;说明


(1)show off(=make a show of...) 炫耀;卖弄

show up 出现;露面;使突出;暴露

for show 作秀

hold a show 举办展览

show sb. the door 请某人出去;赶走某人

show sb. to the door 送某人到门口

show sb. dth.=show sth. to sb. 向某人展示某物

(2)The film is on show throughout the US. 这部影片正在全美上映。

He showed a great interest in science. 他对科学表现出极大的兴趣。


-or conj.或者;也就是;否则


or so 大约;左右

a week or so 大概一个星期

whether...or... 是......还是.......

He doesn't care whether you stay or leave. 他不在乎你是留下来还是离开。

-talk v.说话;讨论;交谈 || n.谈话;演讲;话题;说话


(1)talk against sb. 诽谤某人;说某人坏话

talk at sb. 当面责备某人;对某人大发议论

talk to sb. 跟某人谈话

talk with sb. 与某人谈话/讲话

talk about sb./sth. 谈论;议论

talk of sb./sth. 谈论;提到

talk on a topic/subject 讨论某个话题

(2)The teacher talk to his students individually. 这位老师找学生分别谈话。


-kung fu n.(中国)功夫

-drum n.[C]鼓


play the drums 打鼓;敲鼓

drum Tower 鼓楼

-piano n.[C]钢琴


play the piano 弹钢琴

piano music 钢琴曲

-violin n.[C]小提琴


play the violin 拉小提琴

-also adv.而且;还;也


(1)This book is not only interesting but also good.


(2)also通常置于实义动词之前,系动词、助动词之后;只用于肯定句中,否定句中用either;一般位于句中,置于句末时多用too或as well。

He also wants to see a movie. 他也想看电影。

-people n.[C]人;人们;居民;平民;民族;亲人


(1)There are many people in the square. 广场上有许多人。

the peoples of Asia 亚洲各民族


-home n.[C,U]家;家庭;故乡;发源地 || adv.在家;回家;在本国

|| adj.家庭的;本国的;当地的


(1)at home 在家里

on one’s way home 在某人回家的路上

stay at home 待在家里

make yourself at home 随便;别拘束

(2)Africa is the home of the lion. 非洲是狮子的故乡。

My home isn't very big, but very comfortable. 我家并不大但很舒适。

-make v.使成为;制造;获得;迫使;准备


(1)make up for 补偿;弥补

make up 组成;构成;捏造;化妆;和解

be made in... 在......制造

be made up of... 由......组成/构成

be made from...(=make...from)由......制成(从制成品中看不出原料)

be made of...(=make...of)由......制成(从制成品中看得出原料)

make it 做到,做成功;赶上

make friends with... 与......交朋友

(2)Don't make a noise in class. 在上课时不得大声吵闹。

They made me repeat the whole story. 他们让我把整个故事再说一遍。


-today adv.在今天;现在;当今 || n.[U]今天;现代

-help (sb.) with sth. 在某方面帮助(某人)

-center n.[C]中心;中央;目标 || v.集中(于......)


(1)in the center of... 在......中央/中间

the center of attention 注意的焦点

center one’s efforts on... 把精力集中在......上(此处center作动词)


-weekend n.[C]周末


on the weekend 在周末

-teach v.教;讲授;教训


(1)teach oneself 自学

teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事

teach sb. a lesson 给某人一个教训

(2)He taught us to play football. 他教我们踢足球。

(3)teach 作动词时过去式和过去分词都是taught,现在分成为teaching。

-musician n.[C]音乐家


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